Slashed Tires? Who cares?

by Andrew Saad

So, today my tires were slashed. Being in the area I was, I’m not surprised. I think normally I would be off the walls about this for days. At first I was ticked; then, I just didn’t care. I did not care. I didn’t even try to care. I think there comes a point where you realize, ridiculous things are going to happen to you, and you can’t control that. You can’t control if someone hits your car. You can’t control if your favorite breakfast place closes down. You can’t control if someone is going to slash your tires. There is so much that can’t be controlled, and it kind of, sucks. However, after all these things start to happen, you come to a realization; it’s pretty simple actually.

Things happen. Things have always happened. Things will continue to happen.

Why bother caring?

I’m not saying we should be completely numb and emotionless to the things that happen to us, but there is no reason to freak out every time something ridiculous happens to us, like slashed tires. Once it has happened, there is nothing you can do about it but rectify the situation; and get new tires.

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Dig deep, people.